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Commercial/ Business Christmas Lights

christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
Early Bird Christmas Specials available now!

The Countdown to Christmas has begun. Are you ready?

Somehow it just isn’t Christmas until colored lights begin to twinkle from rooftops, lamp posts, and trees. Commercial/business Christmas lights are the perfect way to make businesses feel a part of the local winter wonderland, which is why we offer them at Pressure Doctor. Ring in the holiday season with the perfect lights for your business. They are just what the doctor ordered.
Christmas Light specials Indianapolis, IN
Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
Christmas lights specials Indianapolis, IN
Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
Christmas Light Installation Indianapolis

Christmas Lights for Professional Use

Your business represents a huge investment. It is a source of income and accounts for large expenditures of money and time. It also represents the livelihood of your employees. Clearly it is very important that your business performs well. While it may be difficult to imagine how commercial/business Christmas lights can help a business thrive and even grow, the results are clear.

Commercial/business Christmas lights can make a professional establishment far more appealing in the winter months, increasing visibility and consequently bringing in more custom. Part of the magic of the holiday season is the atmosphere of festivity that permeates our communities, and you certainly don’t want your business to be left out and look like a Grinch. 

At Pressure Doctor, we promise to take great care of your commercial property during your Christmas lighting installation. With safe and secure attachments, we can guarantee that adding commercial/business Christmas lights to your building won’t cause any damage. You can also rest easy knowing that our holiday lighting is extremely energy efficient, saving you 80% or more in energy expenditure. 

Our commercial/business Christmas lights give business owners complete flexibility in designing their holiday lighting arrays. The full spectrum of colors and styles are available for commercial properties, all meeting commercial-grade standards. This means that business owners can expect minimal maintenance and repair requirements while still enjoying their holiday lighting for years to come. You can choose to stick to a purely holiday theme or to highlight your logos or slogans as well.

Looking to install commercial/business Christmas lights? Call us at 463-258-7043 to get started.

christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
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christmas lights Indianapolis, IN
#1 In Indianapolis for Commercial Christmas Lights

Installing Commercial/Business Christmas Lights with Pressure Doctor

At Pressure Doctor, we know that business during the holiday season can be very hectic. That’s why we offer commercial/business Christmas lighting services in central Indiana. Our process is comprehensive, covering everything from design and installation to maintenance and removal.

Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
christmas lights Indianapolis, IN


The design of your commercial/business Christmas lights should be completely up to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of commercial-grade holiday lights to choose from, including globe lights, accent lighting, and very subtle downlighting. Depending on what you prefer for your business, you can elect for showy holiday displays or a more discreet design. Not sure about the design you prefer? No problem—our professionals can help you find the perfect array for you.

The design you choose is always completely customized to your commercial property. You never have to worry about too-long strands of lights that dangle dangerously off the edge of the roof or about coming up short on the strands you use. We provide the lights so you don’t have to fight holiday traffic to get them, and they are higher quality than is available in stores. 

Each of our LED bulbs has multiple LEDs built in, providing a significantly brighter glow. These lights are also highly energy efficient, which is beneficial for your business budget. With our electronic timing systems, you can set your lights to turn on when the sun goes down and turn off when daylight breaks, further improving efficiency.


Installing Christmas lights is a chore that has the potential to put a damper on the holiday spirit. It’s dangerous, cold work, and if your strings of lights have any tangles, you’re looking at hours of frustration. Don’t even get us started on finding a burned-out bulb. Professional holiday lighting installation saves you all that time, energy, and frustration so you can enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest.

When it comes to installing commercial/business Christmas lights, you are not limited to your building’s ridgeline. We can wrap your trees, patios, and columns for a beautiful Christmas display that is sure to bring in customers. We have all the tools and experience necessary to make your commercial property a candidate for holiday postcards. 



If we run into any issues while installing your commercial/business Christmas lights, we are on the spot to take care of them at once. If you notice any issues or dead bulbs in the subsequent months, don’t worry. We can be there in no time to perform the necessary repairs at no additional charge. Even commercial-grade holiday lights can become dim as the wires dry out over time, usually over the course of four or five years. When this happens, we are happy to replace them at no extra cost.


When the presents have all been unwrapped and the cocoa mugs are empty, the last thing you want to think about is climbing up on a ladder to take down your Christmas lights. That’s why we take care of that service too. Our professional lighting removal services are completely hassle-free, and we even go one step further. 

Finding more storage space for your Christmas lights doesn’t need to be on your to-do list when you work with Pressure Doctor. We store them for you so you can wash your hands of the whole process until next year. In this way, we operate on a sort of leasing system, a scheduled service so you just call us when you want the lights up and when you want them taken down. In this way, you can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year without adding any more stress.

The Pressure Doctor Promise

When you need commercial/business Christmas lights installed, you need a team that you can trust completely. At Pressure Doctor, all of our installers have CLIPA training and certification. They know what they’re doing and will treat your property with the respect it deserves. Our business claims more than 16 years of experience in the industry, so you know you are in safe hands.

Pressure Doctor is locally owned and operated, so when you entrust your professional holiday lighting to us, you are giving back to the community, in harmony with the spirit of the season. Building our community is one of our central priorities, and we look forward to serving your business to that end.


Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
Christmas light specials Indianapolis, IN
Creating holiday memories year after year


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