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Concrete Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning
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Tired of the Dirt In Your Way?

Has your driveway finally hit its worst state?  Have the stains become a big eyesore? If so, take action and remove it by having it pressure washed. With oils and salts taking over your concrete slab, your driveway will begin to flake and spall over time. Once our Pressure Doctor concrete cleaning professional cleans your concrete, your guests will admire your driveway or walkway and embrace the cleanliness of it. So, call us today to schedule an appointment to have your concrete cleaned.

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Rust Removal

Your Pressure Doctor professionals are here to remove the rust that has taken control of your concrete. We will use our special cleaning technique to remove it from your concreted areas. If the rust has made an unwelcome appearance becoming the eyesore for family and friends, when visiting, we will rid the problem and bring the clean beauty of your concrete back to life.

Look At the Difference With Clean Concrete

How Does Pressure Washing My Concrete Help Me?

The beatdown your driveway takes from rain, heat, and snow in Indianapolis is all year round and will eventually take over the life of your concrete, leaving you with nothing but a stain to look at. Without a professional pressure washing, your summer days around the pool can become a torment to your eyes if your concrete is not clean. However, the break down of your concrete from oils and salts does not have to continue to take the beauty of your concrete over time. Once you make the decision to clean it you will see that you made a good decision. In addition there are other benefits to having professional concrete cleaning.

  • Security – Routine pressure cleaning is needed to keep your concrete from becoming a hazard. A clean concrete prevents falls and other unfortunate incidents from happening. 
  • Extended Life – If your concreted areas are filled with dirt and grime the integrity of the health of your concrete is at risk. With a good thorough cleaning from one of our Pressure Doctor professionals your concrete will have a healthy life extension for years to come.
  • Weeds Are Impeded – The growth of weeds is impeded with our pressure washing process. Worry will be put aside with these pesky plants gone and you also don’t have to worry about killing them yourself.
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Concrete Cleaning


Concrete Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning
Keep Your Concrete Maintained

Don't Ignore Your Concrete

Ignoring your driveway and walkway should never be done. These areas represent your home and show your personality to those who visit. With your concrete being the first thing your guests see when they visit your home, it should always be a welcome to anyone who comes to visit. With the help of our concrete cleaning experts, we can help you keep your concreted areas maintained and keep the eye appeal of your guests.

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Get Rid of the Unclean Eyesore

Hazards of Unclean Concrete

Having an unclean walkway is not only a major eyesore but also a huge aggravation once it becomes a hazard. A slip or fall can become a greater risk of happening once the weeds and oil take over the walkway. In addition, other hazards can begin to make an appearance on your concrete as well if it is left unclean.

  • Dirt, Mold, and Pollen – Do you have allergies? This could be because dirt, mold, and pollen are stuck on your concrete.
  • Corrosive and Acidic Chemicals Buildup – If your concrete is ignored for too long it is easy for chemicals, dirt, salts, and oils to build up on it, but with the help of our cleaning professional your concrete will be restored to its natural beauty.
Concrete Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning
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We service all of Indianapolis and a radius approximately 30 miles from the center of the city. See below for a partial list of areas we service:
We service all of Indianapolis and a radius approximately 30 miles from the center of the city. See below for a partial list of areas we service: