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Patio Cleaning Indianapolis, IN
Patio Cleaning
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Patio Cleaning

Your patio is a charming place to extend your outdoor living space, but when it needs a good cleaning, it can spoil the effect. On the other hand, a clean patio can improve the appearance of the entire property and even the property value since regular cleaning is a great way to protect the space from damage. If you want to keep your patio well-maintained, give Pressure Doctor a call. Our professional patio cleaning services can make your patio look like new in no time.

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Create a Sanctuary

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter what they look like, they serve as an outdoor extension of your home. A patio is a gathering place, a place to host dinner parties and barbecues or to read quietly while basking in the sunshine, a place to play games and enjoy spring afternoons and summer evenings.

In order to maintain that charm, it is important to keep your patio clean. Simply taking a garden hose to it may not be enough to remove dirt that has been ground into pavers by frequent foot traffic or stains that have been baked in by the sun. If you want a clean space that perfectly fits your taste, professional pressure washing is the only way to go.

Restore Your Home to Greatness

Protect Your Investment

When patios have had a fair amount of exposure to the elements, they don’t look the way they did when they were installed. They naturally accumulate debris, dirt, and grime, leaving them looking faded and dull. Regular use can also leave staining. This is not only unsightly; it can also be dangerous, attracting bugs and bacteria like a magnet.

Regular patio cleaning can boost curb appeal and even extend the life of your patio. A clean patio will look like new, creating a favorable impression on guests and passersby. Because it cleans away harmful elements like mold and mildew, it can also minimize the risk of damage and the associated repair costs. In this way, patio cleaning protects your investment and allows you to better enjoy it on a daily basis.

Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning
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Seal the Deal

While concrete is tough and relatively low maintenance, it can take a beating when exposed to all that the elements have to offer. Because it is naturally porous, concrete can be at the mercy of water’s freeze-thaw process which can lead to cracking or chipping. You can extend the lifetime of your concrete patio by sealing it. 

Before taking such a step, your patio will need to be cleaned. A thorough patio cleaning will make sure that no dirt, bacteria, mold, or other grime is trapped beneath the sealant, interfering with it. In fact, cleaning your patio beforehand is vital if you want the seal to be effective. At Pressure Doctor, we make the process easy from beginning to end, handling both patio cleaning and sealing so you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding contractors for both processes.

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Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning
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Professional Patio Cleaning with Pressure Doctor

Pressure washing your patio is the best way to give it a fresh appearance, removing dirt and troublesome stains from food, oils and grease, fertilizer, paint, and other guilty parties. Trusting the job to our professional Pressure Doctor team is the best way to make sure that the right pressure settings and cleaning solutions are used. Our professional experience makes sure that your patio doesn’t sustain any damage during the process.

Bringing top-of-the-line equipment and professional expertise to the table, we can give your patios and balconies a distinguished appearance, raising the quality of the entire property. We prioritize quality work and excellent customer service, so you always know your patio is in good hands. Your local expert on exterior cleaning, we will make sure your patio is sparkling clean and ready to impress.

Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning
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We service all of Indianapolis and a radius approximately 30 miles from the center of the city. See below for a partial list of areas we service: